Understand the diamond GIA identification book to buy d…

What is the diamond GIA? When making diamond ring purchases, the identification data provided by GIA is absolutely authoritative for measuring the value of diamonds compared to visually observing diamonds with the naked eye. After understanding the concept of 4C, let's-----

Cloud roll autumn · Listen to twenty-four solar terms …

From January 3 to January 7, 2014, Yi Fei & Weiyang Song will be held in Shenzhen, headquarter in Q3, a year-long event for distributors and franchisees from all over China. Poetic chapter. Before the start of the order book, the training camp centered on the "Q3 Product Planning Case of-----

Retro style gentleman to create wool coat with autumn a…

If you can correctly choose a woolen coat coat, not only allows you to warm a winter, but also to give people leave a steady retro gentleman image. Warm material, exquisite tailoring, exquisite workmanship, these are essential elements of a woolen coat. The vast majority of men quickly add a wool c-----

Amber identification and maintenance methods

I believe that the identification and maintenance methods of amber have been seen by many friends, but today Xiaobian introduces some simple and practical methods for friends. The identification of amber is passed: salt test, heat test, alcohol test, hand touch Look at the-----

Congratulations KARENSHEN Karen Poetry Guiyang shop gra…

Congratulations KARENSHEN Karen poetry women Guiyang shop grand opening! In a pleasant climate, beautiful and rich southwestern land, Karen poetry women's dress will bloom its gorgeous fashion flowers. New Shop Address: Jinyang New District, Beijing West Road on the 17th (Century Golden Resour-----

How is the value of panda gold and silver coins?

China has been issuing panda gold and silver coins since 1982. It has been issued every year until today. In 2014, the panda gold and silver coins of the 2014 edition have been released, a set of five. The latest market price is 16,000 yuan, and the price of one ounce of s-----

How to calculate how much cloth for bedding

The width of the fabric is generally different depending on the fabric. There are 150cm, 140cm, 120cm, and 90cm, but these are basically used for clothing. Look at the sheets Look at the minimum size of the sheet in the description of the product. If the sheet is 230*250, then the width of th-----