Korean version of the cotton T-shirt vest with the new …

Cotton fabrics that sweat and wild, and now the weather began to gradually warm, gradually less and less clothes, down jackets, cotton clothing has basically no need to use, and the light, the fresh T-shirt, vest style with what Pants look good? GMF children's clothing to teach you how to match-----

Han Caiying, Han Zhihui, Jin Chengling and others atten…

On the evening of the 25th, the international luxury Dior Dior brand held a re-opening commemoration event at Seoul's New World Department Store Gangnam Store. Actors Han Chae Young, Han Wisdom, Kim Ji Hoon, Kim Seung Ling, Lee Sang Ho, Kim Hyo Jin attended the event. On the evening of the 25t-----

New material that is harder than diamonds

Diamonds are no longer the hardest material in the world. A new material has surpassed the hardness of diamonds. American scientists have synthesized this superhard material called nanocubic boron nitride, which compresses boron nitride particles to a Vickers hardness of 1-----

The stars love the uniforms wear tall body secrets

In the star's model, the dress began to swell in recent years. Like a dress, a dress can easily get with. And compared to the dress, even underwear activities are more convenient. Even underwear and waist and hip joint design, the complete line from top to bottom, inadvertently, you can make t-----

How long can solar street lights be used in rainy days?

Solar street lights are powered by sunlight, and solar street lights are also a working system that automatically controls lighting. As long as the working mode of the system is set, it will automatically run. Nowadays, solar street lamps are the most ideal road lighting e-----

Qian Yi Mall concerned about the offline store transfor…

With the rise of websites such as Taobao and Jingdong, the e-commerce in our country has also shown an explosive development. Among them, the garment industry bear the brunt, according to statistics, selling 473 pieces of clothes per minute in Taobao. All this shows. E-commerce consumer clothing i-----

Danubian fashion brand with "corporate culture&quo…

As the saying goes: "Three years of business by product, five years by business owners, ten years of business management, one hundred years by business culture." Once the business grows and develops, the management of the business by the power and the system alone will look rough. At thi-----