NLD Naluoduo 2015 autumn and winter shooting highlights…

The face of getting cold weather, your war cold clothing are ready? In understanding this issue of new product introduction, may wish to take a look at the NLD Nautilus 2015 autumn and winter shooting tidbits in the interpretation of the model, the winter beauty, has been waiting for your visit -----

2015 autumn and winter women's trend: type coat

There must be no single product in the fall. The first thing I said was the windbreaker. Especially when the autumn season began, it was practical, warm and fashionable. The most important thing was that it could be worn for many years. It's very eye-catching, and there's also a good color,-----

How to match the skirt with the fall fashion women

No girl can withstand the temptation of the skirt, whether it is hot summer or cold winter, as well as cozy spring and autumn, will wear a dress, to show their beauty. So how to match the elegant autumn skirt? Then come to see Rui Mail fashion women with it, let you harvest their unparalleled beau-----

[Common textiles manual] Shoes mouthband

Overview Refers to the thin single-layer fabrics used exclusively for the uppers of shoes. With a flat surface, tight texture, a certain degree of wear resistance, using 28texX2 cotton thread, 14texX2 cotton thread for weft, double-sided twill weave. The density is 43 roots/cm and th-----

Jessy line Jassy women's 2015 autumn new wild tide …

In late summer and early autumn, it's time to say goodbye to summer. Although romantic summer is about to pass, autumn will usher in a wonderful time. In the early fall, the most self-possessed, along with Jay Chou Lai, came to learn early autumn tide! Male Kinomo AccessoriesStiff Obi,Haori Str-----

What are the three tips for buying the Warring States R…

The Warring States red agate hardness is around 6.5, opaque. The color is thick and pure, with red, yellow and white colors, red like bloodstone, yellow like yellowstone. On the one stone, there are both red and yellow scorpions, which are rare and precious. Because the st-----

Fashion brand Express women's 2015 autumn and winte…

Supermodel Karlie Kloss endorses Express to work in a new style of dress. The American fashion brand Express releases the latest "Wear to Work" series of LookBook, supermodel Karlie Kloss (Karly Claus) comes out on endorsement, wearing a new quarter of Carly brand stripes , skirts, suede -----