Colored sapphires, colored sapphires

When it comes to sapphire, most people immediately think of blue, like the blue color of the sea. However, in addition to the beautiful blue color, sapphire has a huge branch - colored sapphires. In recent years, more and more big-name jewels have appeared in the design of-----

Identify the price of the jadeite magpie

As a mascot of traditional culture, the price of jade magpies is influenced by the three elements of jade quality, engraving and style design. Among them, style design is a relatively important factor, because the different styles of design, the expression of happy events -----

Jade knowledge about long and long water

The jade knowledge of long and long waters should start from the formation of jade. The conditions for the formation of jadeite are very demanding. This requires a temperature between 550 ° C and 580 ° C and a pressure of approximately 30,000 atmospheres. Therefore, -----

Collection does not have to be too care

In the past, the average person talked about collections, usually referring to valuables such as cultural relics or collections of important literature and historical research values. This behavior is also mostly the behavior of collectors. Everyone seems to have already a-----

Sweet wedding season your bridesmaid dress right brides…

More and more sisters marry around, especially at the end, it is set off a wave of marriage. When get get girlfriends invited you to do the information of bridesmaids, to be prospective bridesmaid you are thinking: how the girlfriends get married the day, wearing a decent and unconventional? Wh-----

Rich bird Men 2015 autumn new tasting grand opening

January 29, the rich bird Men Autumn 2015 new tasting in Xiamen headquarters grandly held. "The future of wealthy birds not only needs to develop good products, but also to tap the cultural values ​​that can reflect the products, enhance the international image of Chinese men f-----

Tea crystal function

Although tea crystal is the most common and ordinary one in crystal, the effect of tea crystal has obvious adjustment effect on the wearer's psychology and physiology, and it is a well-deserved health crystal. The steady emotion of the efficacy of tea crystal Tea cry-----