Actress who are beloved black and white chessboard to create a burst table fashion degree

In the graceful and colorful spring, the colorful spring single can certainly make you look fresh and energetic. If you want something different, fresh black and white checkerboards are worth a try. Not to mention all kinds of big names are released as a new element for it, all the way regardless of Zhuangshan actress also competing to wear it, we can see its power!


As early as the Louis Vuitton 2013 spring and summer series show, we saw the chessboard figure, really amazing one. Subsequently, Marc Jacobs, Lanvin and other big names also catch up with this trend. This striped deformation section, with a modern and retro silhouette, no wonder able to capture the hearts of so many celebrities.

女星们都挚爱的黑白棋盘格 打造爆表的时尚度

Li Si - NE 2014 spring and summer new series

Burst table to create a fashionable degree, in fact, you can. For example, such a black and white checkerboard suit, in the spring and summer season is simply too suitable. In simple and black and white with a clear, but also revealed a thick retro atmosphere, immediately separated from a variety of colorful, who do not boast you know how to dress it.

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