Jade fakes step by step startling

Anyone who knows the collection knows that today's jade market is mixed, and there are too many fakes. If you don't pay attention, you will buy processed jade.

Look beyond the surface. Xiao Bian will reveal the whole process of jade counterfeiting. The complexity of the craft, the superb means and the coherence of the links can be described as "step by step startling", which can make investors discouraged!

Jade antiques have a long history and a lot of methods. Before the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the old ones were made of plants and animals or minerals. The modern antique jade used more chemical chemicals. In addition, the production of modern antique jade is mainly based on jade books. Because the jade pattern on the book has a large angle and color error during photography and plate making, and the pattern is only positive and has no negative side, it can only be approximated according to the picture. Nowadays, in the books about jade, some "ancient jade" itself is a fake, which is made by the manufacturer and becomes imitation.


Antique jade is full of antique market

Various kinds of antique jade

Due to the large demand for antique jade, many kinds of ore are selected as antique jade materials, such as Xiuyan jade, Dushan jade, northeast yellow material, river touch jade (Hanyu), Miyu, Jiangsu ancient jade (Liangzhu ancient Jade), jasper, Qinghai material (Gansu jade), Russian white jade, Korean white jade, with sapphire white jade (Xinjiang jade), Gobi beach jade, Qingtian stone and so on. Suzhou and Yangzhou have been the center of jade production since ancient times, and there are long-established jade crafts and traditions. The jade blanks were made by Suzhou artisans, and they were deliberately polished, grayed, and colored by Anhui monks. They were very realistic and would be fooled if they did not pay attention.

Different ways of doing the old

Jade articles are old and unearthed and ancient times are based on unearthed ancient jade and handed down ancient jade. The difference between the two is reflected in the twilight and luster. The old techniques are roughly the same but slightly different. The ancient jade that is handed down is imitation of its craft style and applied with a polishing process. The earthen jade is mainly made of ochre, some are not polished, some are slightly polished, or wiped. Jade utensils must meet many objective conditions, especially the selection of materials, the degree of acid and alkali is different, the impurity performance and color performance on the jade material have an effect on distressed jade. If the jade material is impure, there are stones, spots, colored, cracked, soft, and hard. The understanding of jade material is the primary condition for making old jade. What kind of old jade is suitable for what kind of old jade is suitable for it.


Glued color jade pieces


Smoked old jade bracelet


Niu Xinyu fake jade bracelet

The method of imitation of old jade is nothing more than smoked, roasted, roasted, boiled, fried, eclipse, ochre, etc. The equipment used is kiln, oven, microwave oven, coal stove, electric stove, wood stove, etc. The accessories used are dried apricots. , plum, turmeric, blood, grass paper, castor oil, sawdust, shoe polish, asphalt, brown sugar, spices, carrion, various acid and alkali salts and organic dyes, pigments, etc.

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