Gu Bang in the neoclassical romantic release of low-key luxury

Valley State (goobgs) from France, the pursuit of independence and elegance. Has been adhering to the elegant, stylish and perfect quality of the modern urban style, with restrained and peaceful design to express persistent personality, was given the unique oriental elegant culture.


This is the blend of the West and the East, revealing a woman's sexy subtle, luxurious and not complicated, forming a unique goobgs woman introverted and gentle. Goobgs elegance, inadvertently expressed a kind of understanding of life; implicit rather than assertive, simple but contains elegant; unique with insist.

谷邦 在新古典主义的浪漫中释放着低调奢华

Goobgs is a classic, elegant, simple and stylish style that has its roots in living and above the artistry of life. Silky show the shape of the contour, sophisticated details of treatment, soft colors; Gu Bang (goobgs) eternal interpretation of modern urban women elegant subtle, gentle and graceful unique personality. In the neoclassical romantic release of low-key luxury, stylish but not drifting, elegant and natural show, continue to create a woman's dream.

As a candle manufacture we have made OEM according to customers order for more than ten years. We  have  many kinds  of  pillar candles, such as church white  pressed  Pillar Candle and church white  poured  pillar candle. The  candle have three kinds  of  top, like flat  top, slope top and circle top.                                                                                                                           

Our pillar candle  have long time burning, long storage period, Non-smoke, no harm for people. We could produce the fragrance, weight and size according to customers' requirements.                 

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Church/Pillar Candle

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