How to choose jade bracelets


Emerald is an item that is both aesthetically pleasing and value-added. Since ancient times, it has been loved by people. It is precisely because of this, the jade market is getting more and more serious, and there are many imitations and fakes. Because jade consumers lack professional knowledge, it is common to spend high prices to buy defective products. So, how do you buy a jade bracelet? There is a lot of knowledge in it. Today, I will introduce some key points for selecting the best jade bracelets.

A look at the head is its perspective. The more hydrated things are, the more glimps into their internal structure, the more spiritual and vital. There are many kinds of jade water, some are translucent like glass, some are fine like glutinous rice, some are too big like soy flour, and some ice cubes are not completely transparent but still faintly transparent. Different water heads, the price will be several times different. Therefore, according to their own economic situation, they can choose the aesthetics and economical conditions that suit their own needs;

Second, the color of the jade is different, but the fine jade is generally green. When you buy, you still choose according to your own preferences. Young women should choose bracelets with brighter colors and good heads, which is young, energetic and full of vitality. Older women should choose bracelets with a slightly darker color.

Choose three styles and choose the appropriate jade bracelet style according to your own conditions. If the wrist is thin and the skeleton is small, it is more suitable to choose a round string and a flat string; the wrist is thick and fat, and the flat type is better, and the hand shape is modified;

Four find cockroaches, natural jade, can not be perfect, the biggest hidden danger is no cracks and dark spots. Cracks are found in the original ore, and some are caused by processing; black spots are black spots everywhere in the jade, and sometimes white spots, These cockroaches should be excluded as much as possible when selecting bracelets. The more value-added space near the perfect jade bracelet.

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