How to match the skirt with the fall fashion women

No girl can withstand the temptation of the skirt, whether it is hot summer or cold winter, as well as cozy spring and autumn, will wear a dress, to show their beauty. So how to match the elegant autumn skirt? Then come to see Rui Mail fashion women with it, let you harvest their unparalleled beauty in the autumn harvest.


A bright red umbrella skirt, A-type version can play a very good thin effect. As for the upper body is better to learn this, wear a pure white shirt, very seductive and natural. Put on a sweater is a very good match, because the sweater but wild paragraph Oh! And this knit cardigan design ingenuity, virtually enhance your fashion taste.

半身裙怎么搭配 秋季时尚女装搭配

A fishtail skirt suit, elegant skirt, filling the feminine gentle. Warm colors that are not high-profile nor low-key are perfectly blended with the golden yellow fall. The design of the collar will have a very good warmth effect, afraid of the cold girls get lost in one!

Credit: Rui Mailir Women

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