Starting from the innocence of children choose safe and comfortable fashion children's clothing

The current trend of children's clothing more and more tend to "adult", in fact, these are children's physical and mental impact. Therefore, tide tide mom choose children's clothing to be cautious in the selection of children's clothing children's clothing must start from a childlike innocence, to really know what the child needs, do not prematurely bring the child into the adult world, premature Lost their childhood. Photo credit: toddler tide tide tide Mom can not take the standard adult clothing on children's clothing, nothing safe and comfortable children's important. Those sexy exposed tights, jeans with trousers and many adornments, sophisticated child dresses and princess dresses, as well as "adult" children's clothing, are not only good for the child's growth, but also can cause physical and psychological harm to the child. Such as too exposed fashion children's clothing will sunburn children in the summer, too many decorative fashion children's clothing will allow children to eat, scratch, the risk of suffocation and so on. Picture credit: Kids in Kids Fashion Kids "Adult" is an international trend that is truly overwhelming. Nowadays, this community adults shouted as Lolita, while the real "Little Lolita" was a fanciful man. Take a look at the world-famous Barbie doll, sexy, adult full of means, it is the world's little girl's love. The so-called disappearance of childhood is a universal phenomenon in the world and also a trend of the times. The parents you only can do for children only with their own innocence heart for their children choose the safe and comfortable for their children's fashion. Photo credit: Yantai Inaba, a subsidiary of Korea Koy Corporation, under the brands Cherry prince & Daowa, is a well-known Korean children's wear brand. The company owns a team of professional designers from Seoul, South Korea, using the latest technology from South Korea Cotton fabrics, superb workmanship, ahead of the Korean design styles in a short period of time has developed into a very large-scale design, development, production and sales as one of the company's products throughout the country and South Korea market, and South Korea A number of trading companies to maintain long-term international trade relations, the company has 49 domestic franchise stores, the products are also exported to Europe and the United States and South Korea Japan and other regions, favored by domestic and foreign merchants, formed a relatively complete marketing network structure. Your joining is a successful choice, our continuous efforts is your guarantee of success! Landline:-0535-010 Mobile:

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