What shoes are not easy to throw on the mud in the rain?

[This site - shoes and life] Summer showers, even with an umbrella, the upper body was saved, the lower body will still be dirty mud splashed. The shoes worn by a child are boring and ugly. No one wears them. Then, what kind of muddy shoes will be worn in the end?

The discussion of this issue is roughly divided into two groups on the Internet.

"Shoes type", the amount of mud splashed by different shoes should be different, it is difficult to generalize;

“Walking” said that some people had done experiments: 30 meters away, normal walking, splashing 10 mud spots; walking on tiptoes, splashing 8 mud spots; while the inner eight characters only splashed 2 mud spots; When you walk inside the character, the soleplate is almost flat and the bending is not so severe. It is the first time that the inside of the foot touches the ground so that the muddy water will not be thrown out onto the trouser leg.

Obviously, the "walking attitude" is more clear, but there is no practicality - a girl holding a paper umbrella and a clove, moving in the direction of the rain lane all the way to you?

Therefore, the curious gentleman still considers the shoe type, has chosen 7 pairs of shoes which often wears in the summer, says without proof, the experiment proves.

Experimental site: Large playground after the rain.

Experimental method: Wear seven pairs of shoes and white socks on the knees respectively. Walk 40 meters back and forth at the same pace at the same area. Compare the mud spots on the white socks and observe the direction of the muddy water in the high-speed camera.

The experimenter: No matter whether he is in a hurry or not, it is not within eight but eight.

sports shoes

After a lap, there was only a few splatters on the shank. It performed well. Slowly watching from the video, there was a lot of muddy water thrown off when the foot was off the ground, but most of them slid backwards.

Men's leather shoes

Without a few steps, I felt the mud splashed on the lower leg. The video was slowly put on and the mud on the heel was followed by the sole.

canvas shoes

Canvas shoes perform best with only a few points of mud. The video is put on slowly. Although there is also a lot of muddy water, it is pressed down by the heel and not thrown.

flip flops

Although flip flops are the standard in the summer, they still give up on the muddy rainy days. The whole sole is like a mud launcher. Not only the calf, but also the back and the back of the head are not spared. The reason is obvious, there is no fixed between the slippers and the feet, the force used when lifting the feet is much larger than other shoes, and the mud is naturally more.

Muffin Sandals

The muffins sandals tested were 5cm tall. It was still relatively clean to walk down the entire sole. The mud on the calves was quite acceptable.

Muffin slippers

As long as the slippers, pressure mud effect is not much better.

High-heeled sandals

With the height of 8 cm, and canvas shoes are almost the same, most of the muddy water has been pressed down by the heel, doing well, which is very surprised p surprise.

Seven pairs of shoes splashing water rankings: 1. Canvas shoes, 2. High-heeled sandals, 3. Sports shoes, 4. Muffin sandals, 5. Men's leather shoes, 6. Muffin slippers, 7. Flip-flops. (This site - the most authoritative and most professional footwear information center. Brand recommendation: Moheimi Tan Binu)

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