Agoda's AgCatton's Spring/Summer 2012 collection provides the spiritual man with a spiritual appeal

Just open a self-proclaimed "fashion" magazine, a variety of "tidal male must-have" things almost flashed his eyes, and all types of beautiful men vividly on paper, even turning pages are busy. Nowadays people generally refer to fashionable men as tidal men. They may be handsome and provocative; perhaps wearing leggings, brightly coloured tops, matching sailboat shoes, and sunglasses; perhaps combing a Beckham or Baroque hairstyle to reveal half a tattoo; perhaps not forgetting to look for reflective objects while walking, it seems that Always set yourself in stage mode. However, compared to this trend, I would rather appreciate people who have no problem in walking, no gestures, no intentions to operate, are conscious of their evils and pursuits, are not ashamed to be exposed, and are not afraid of self-examination. For the time being, I classified them as mature men. In their eyes, the “tide” is just a surge of passion when they are full of passion. They know how to show off the ebb-like elegance and leave blank when they leave the field. The carrying of fashion is ultimately a person. Choosing clothes is like choosing your own life. Compared with the former, the mature man seems to hold better on this point.

This season, Arcodon takes Santorini as the background and uses a series of simple marine wind designs to respond to the appeal of the mature man. Plain jazz shoes, casual but not stretched leg pants with simple yet detailed shirts or POLO shirts, designed to sky blue as the basis, to shape the nature of the ocean return to nature, but without losing from the urban Self style.

Printed shirts are the first choice for a beach holiday. It is a dignified dress with a sleek scent; when worn alone, it sways in the wind, and the unrestrained breath emanates from the waves.

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Cvc Percale Fabric

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CVC Percale Fabric

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