Battlefield soldiers beeing again - Kakya House "Gold Manager" Training Camp Phase II Chengdu Station grand opening

Under the condition of product homogeneity, the competition of the same type of terminal stores is more and more fierce. How to use the good service to shape the brand, win the loyalty of customers, and ensure the continuous operation of the store become the problem that can not be neglected in the brand store. In the case of stable resources and patterns, the manager decided the rise and fall of a terminal store success or failure, chain store manager training and ability to become Kach House to create the most powerful means of quality terminals. Kakya House "gold manager" training camp back in April 2012 in Hangzhou held the first phase of actual combat enhanced training, July 28 this year, "Gold manager" special training camp lighted up again, flames beacon lit Set up in Beacon Station in Chengdu, a 4-day Kach House "Gold Manager" Training Camp Phase II Chengdu Station opened smoothly. The training camp mainly in classroom training, from the "manager role of cognitive" storefront marketing planning and execution "" storefront management skills "" create high-performance store sales team "" high-quality storefront service management "" store sales Skills "and so on, the manager of leadership and management capabilities to enhance the comprehensive enhancement, deliberately build a Kach House quality and efficient sales team. The "gold manager" special training camp site This training camp also added a display guide training and practical exercises, special training camp through class lectures, group discussions, case studies, role-playing and other diversified teaching and practical exercises such as teaching , From the case to theory, from theory to practice, from point to surface, easy to understand. At the same time also solve a number of site manager in the management of the problems encountered in the terminal store to bring immediate effect to the actual work. Exhibition training courses on-site through this training, the manager of training re-defined the manager's role positioning, service awareness and system management capabilities; establish Kaki house brand roots in the store faith, but also learned the brand promotion Shaping an effective way; at the same time master the efficient store leadership and management methods, integrated operational management capabilities have been greatly enhanced. Participate in the training store grow up According to the training to implement closed intensive training mode. In the process of training, trainees were tracked, evaluated and tracked in theory, practiced and practiced in strict accordance with the evaluation criteria, and the best team and personal excellence awards were selected. Those who passed the training also received a certificate from Kakayama Business School "Gold manager" certificate. July 31, 2012, Kakayu gold manager chengdi training camp second phase of the successful completion of the Chengdu station, let us look forward to Kaki House Southwest "gold manager" who in the future shop operations and management breakthroughs, sales Performance booming!

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