Luxury Nuosi underwear interpretation of mature women's inner elegance

Luxury North underwear in order to "health, comfort, fashion," the principle of surface and auxiliary materials are used at home and abroad the most advanced textile technology and printing technology, version of the introduction of Asian female physique database sample data, the introduction of the most advanced ergonomics Three-dimensional cutting technology, adjust and shape the perfect female body, in order to ensure product environmental protection, health and comfort.


At the same time, Luxury North Africa underwear actively capture today's fashionable elements of Europe and the United States, into the aesthetic concept of China Eastern Beauty in order to create a sense of fashion products, so that the majority of women can both enjoy healthy and comfortable underwear wear , But also highlights the mature woman's inherent elegance and cultural charm.

Duvet Covers

  There are many kinds of duvet covers for home, hotel and hospital. For material, there are cotton duvet covers, organic cotton duvet covers, CVC duvet covers, polyester duvet covers, linen duvet covers, cotton/linen duvet covers and bamboo duvet covers. For weaving method of fabric, there are percale duvet covers, sateen duvet covers, sateen stripe duvet covers, jacquard duvet covers and embroidered duvet covers. For dying process of fabric, there are bleached white duvet covers, solid dyed duvet covers, printed duvet covers.

Our company, Shijiazhuang Guangda Textile Co., Ltd usually makes the duvet covers in single size 160x230cm, queen size 230x230cm and king sizes 260x240cm; other sizes are also makable. We fold the duvet covers, packed with poly bag, then put them into carton with customer logo and name; we can also pack them as customer required.

Duvet Covers

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