Otefels heavy attack will be unveiled in Beijing CHIC

At the very beginning of 2012, Otefair will present the 2012 China International Fashion Fair (shortened as Beijing CH IC ) to Beijing International Exhibition Center (New Hall) with the Hawaii impression of the seaside city in 2012, time: 3 Month 26 to March 29. During the four-day exhibition, Autodesk will attract distributors from all over the country with unique product style and professional team service.


Autotech Booth number: W3230

Time: March 26-29, 2012

Venue: Beijing? China International Exhibition Center (New Hall - Yuxiang Road, Tianzhu District, Beijing, No. 88)

As the most influential fashion event in China, China International Fashion Fair (CHIC) has always been the forerunner of fashion and healthy lifestyles. It has always been the full integration of the resources needed for the sustainable development of the brand and market development. Is high-end, professional, user-friendly services and effective solutions provider of excellence. Has long been China and the world garment industry's "benchmark", "barometer."

Currently, Autodesk brand is actively preparing for the 20th CHIC exhibition, is about to debut in the women's Pavilion, to show the audience a full range of brand image and strength, so stay tuned!

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*Excellent non-stick properties;
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*Low friction surface with excellent Release
*Food Approval
*Dimensional Stability under heat & pressure
*Low electrical losses
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