Red Kai Baer 2014 spring new tour conference and investment orders will be set sail

Brewing for a long time RedKebel women's 2014 spring new tour press conference and investment order will soon be kicked off, the first stop in Guiyang, from September 4 afternoon 13:00 - September 6 at 21:00, in the ecology of pine and cypress Protect the Villa for us to open the impression of Guizhou trip.

红凯贝尔 - HOKABR

The order will be mainly for outdoor catwalks, against the backdrop of mountains and rivers, Red Ke Bell will perform a feast for you fashion world, as the international fashion style well-known women, the order will be used in this form of tour interpretation, the main The significance is to help the growth of various branches, because the goal is a win-win Red Bayer, together with the franchisee sail together!


Red Ke Beier and international fashion standards, with extraordinary taste and distinctive style of the world of women's fashion have attracted the attention of its unique design concept reflects the concept of Western culture and the East with the traditional charm, style elegant and full of passion, by Oriental Fashion Female green pay attention.

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