Show Dai underwear how? Brand strength to help you start a business

Top ten underwear brand - Show Dai underwear, why come out on top in the market, leading the lingerie industry trend? This is due to show Dai underwear brand strength guarantee, product strength support. Show Dai underwear, has developed four series of products to meet the various needs of consumers.


Magic show

For 24-24-year-old urban women underwear features, with the nature of fashion, suitability for special occasions such as demand, design and development of urban women full of lingerie products.

Style: urban style, charming, texture

Collecting global fashion, to highlight the urban women's confidence in the beautiful colors, design and manufacture of both modern city style quality underwear.


Time show

For 20-40 + years of mature women's lingerie function needs, design and development of a special effect with the classic style underwear line.

Style: Mature, sexy, classic

Captured the world's outstanding fashion, according to the needs of women of different ages, especially mature women in Asia over the age of 28, in strict accordance with the 5A system developed to enhance the design, care of women's high-quality underwear.


Sharp show

For men's pajamas, warmth, socks and other products demand.

Style: Mature, stylish

Selection of comfortable, healthy fabrics, covering the global trend of trendy men's underwear, designed to highlight men's mature charm underwear.

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Square Silk Scarf

Material: Pure silk square scarf is made by 100% high quality mulberry silk, skin friendly and breathable, soft and smooth as satin, healthy and environmental protection, no pollution, no peculiar smell.We guarantee that the goods sold on this product page are 100% silk.

This square Silk Scarf is very comfortable and suitable for all seasons. It provides warmth in spring and autumn and coolness in hot summer.

We also provide classic customized silk scarf,which is a ideal gift for family members and friends.

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