Hee Wo underwear flagship ring products - the new thin cup series models

In 2015, XII underwear flagship ring-free products - the new thin cup series models

Style number: 081231

Color: black, color

Cup type: thin cup

Series: Fashion Body - No Rim Series

Design Features:

No steel ring products, health and comfort, prevention of breast problems;

This pure thin cup of steel underwear, very comfortable, let you play freely, but also completely unfettered, and secure your fragile breast;


Wide razor-bottom design, stability is not climbing, four rows of buckles on the back, wrapped in back fat, textile excess fat scattered around the back, excellent stability;

Ear high design, perfect Shoulong breast, so that the breast more and more perfect;

Cup noodles full lace cover, elegant at the same time, yet sexy, cross-cup type, focus on better, make your cleavage more beautiful and more flavor;


Diverse color shades, feel free to mix your coat for health anywhere with you.

Underwear Net yarn materials, the quality of the waves at the end of cotton, comfortable breathable cool; low waist design, sexy and charming, the temptation to penetrate from the inside out.

No rims and soft rims underwear products, suitable for a wide range of groups, such as the development of young girls, active women love sports, women with breast problems, older women, like comfortable women without oppression, physiological period before and after the special period Of women are very suitable for non-rims and soft rims products.


No rims products, as XIE underwear in 2015 focused on research and development and production, the current ring of steel products market is strongly reflected, to many consumers healthy and comfortable wearing feeling, away from breast disease; with the young breast problems Has become the moment an important social issues, Xi Xiu underwear will be tireless long-term research and development for women without rims and soft Rim products.

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