Summer women's wear Taihe show elegant elegance

From an early age I often hear elders said: "Girls should have a girl's look ..." What should a girl be like? Clever and clever, lively and lovely, know the truth, gentle and virtuous ... ... is it? Xiaobian also can not say that flowers are beautiful red, and women have thousands of customs, women can have "demure as flowers water, such as wind Fu Liu" feminine, " Pendulous Bingjiu, "the charming," noodles with Chunwei not exposed, Dan lips not entertaining first heard, "Yan Ran, you can also have" bent bow campaign for men, dreams and thrushes "valiant. Thousands of women face, which side is your favorite bell?

太和 - TAHAN

If you want to wear a strong feeling of the gas field, you can choose this dress, exquisite chiffon fabric, soft and comfortable, personal style, the perfect figure to show women, deep V collar design, reveal a little sexy style, casual Open the skirt, elegant and agile, with a pair of high-heeled sandals, elongated leg lines, even more tall and charming posture.

夏季新款女装 太和女装尽显高贵优雅气质

Occasionally, women need some gentle, elegant, if all the same as men, it would not disappoint the Creator some painstaking. The combination of white and black should be the fashion trend never be eliminated on the stage combination, chiffon blouse with skirt, showing a woman looming sexy, sleeves covered with a small star, full of childlike and Feminine!

Picture Source: Tai Wo women

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