What are the taboos of wearing a garnet bracelet?

Everyone knows that garnet is beautiful, and that garnet has the title of female stone. Like the tourmaline and crystal, everyone likes it, but you may not know that wearing garnet is exquisite and taboo. Let's listen to the garnet experts who talk about wearing garnet.


The garnet is warm and bright, beautiful and majestic. Just like its name, the garnet is reminiscent of the red pomegranate with fruit. Garnet has a high refractive index, strong luster and beautiful colors. It is a favorite variety of colorful treasures. In recent years, with the rise of the colorful treasures, many colorful treasure shops have been opened in various places. The best selling of these colorful treasure stores are crystal, garnet, tourmaline, moonstone, and how popular the garnet is. .

However, when wearing garnet, we should also pay attention to the wearing method, including the hand that the garnet bracelet is worn. The garnet belongs to the absorption crystal and should be worn on the left hand. The crystal wear method: left to right Absorbing crystals can absorb the negative energy of our body and the surrounding area and transform them, so that the human body's magnetic field can reach a balanced state.

Everyone is working or doing housework. Most of the usual things are used to the right hand. Wearing a garnet bracelet on the left hand can better protect the bracelet and is not easy to wear. If it is according to the properties of the crystal, it can be divided into radioactive crystal and absorbable crystal, radioactive crystal with right hand, and absorbable crystal with left hand. As a absorbing crystal, garnet should be worn on the left hand, which can increase personal charm. If it is a physiological period, it can be worn in the right hand to remove female diseases.


Under normal circumstances, it is best not to let others touch your crystal. If you want to pursue a career, the green ghost is moved by a successful businessman. Because the crystal has memory, it will record the other party's good energy, which will help the fortune. On the contrary, once the crystal has been moved by some people who have been stranded, it must be washed immediately. This refers to purification.

Of course, these are just rumors that are rigorous and subject to research. In any case, nowadays it is a personality society. There is not much restraint and attention. As long as you like how to wear it.

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