Avant-garde and classic fish bring new personality children's clothing

A small fish was born in the eastern island nation. After a long journey, she swings the fins of the four seasons and swims into the ancient magical land. It interprets more than just a personality movement and fashion charm, but also reflects the profound cultural inside and outside from the inside. "Fashion fish" A brand from South Korea, has a long history, is one of South Korea's leading fashion brands. In 2002, mainland China made the agency of Korean fashion fish brand in China, deeply loved by domestic friends. Under the careful management of "fashionable little fish", "fashionable little fish" has won the recognition from customers and consumers and gradually formed three major modules which are designed, developed, produced and marketed as the main body, focusing on product development and branding innovation. Avant-garde, vitality, courage and innocence classic design, fashion fish bring children new personality, just as the fish enjoy the freedom and happiness of water, free to swim in the water world. Childhood life Just as fish depend on water, happiness is always the most important. "Fashion fish" series of natural organic seaweed children's skin care products adhering to the fashion concept of "fashion fish" brand, European elegant design, slightly nostalgic color packaging style, as if exposure to the European aristocratic garden, gives the people: fashion, luxury , Professional image. The product is developed for children's skin characteristics, especially the French organic seaweed extract, mild and safe without stimulation.

Because of high water resistant, PVC coated fabric is widely used on tent now, the main material is polyester. 

This fabric is both sides coated.

Tent Fabric


1. High strength, high density

2. Fire/corrosion/UV resistant, water resistant, dust resistant

3. Shrink proof, rot proof

4. Mould and mildew resistant, tear resistant

5. Long lasting, sunshade protect, wind protection

6. Anti-fungal, anti-osimosis, antistripping

You can choose any color and max in roll size is 5m, the general weight is 200gsm to 2000gsm.

According to different quality of PVC tarpaulin, lifespan is 3 to 5 years.

Tent Fabric

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