Summer 2011 popular color fluorescent impact color stage

Lead: fluorescent-colored clothing collides with each other, and we are all familiar with it. To add freshness, designers turn their attention to single-item designs, such as handbags, wedge heels, jewelry, etc. These skipping items need only be washed. On stage, all flooding conditions will fail.

2011年夏季流行色彩 荧光色冲击色彩舞台 (图1)

Céline pushes “color” to the cusp

With the release of Céline 2012 Resort, Phoebe Philo has added a lot of bright colors for visual impact, cleverly proportional cutting and classic collision, and once again pushed the “color” from spring fire to autumn and winter to the cusp of the storm. . Fluorescent Yellow's Luggage and Fluorescent Red Cabas are bound to break their heads, and the daring pinkish glow makes the minimalist lines shine with the classic Luaggage. in autumn... Continue to experience the fluorescent bombing of Céline Python Clutch!

2011年夏季流行色彩 荧光色冲击色彩舞台 (图2)

Hermes put on a candy-like fluorescent coat

Hermes spring and summer 2011. Regardless of the classic Birkin Kelly or the hot Constance Jypsiere. All of the brain's children were replaced with candy-like fluorescent coats. Rainbow spring and summer do not believe you will not heart! 2011 spring and summer fluorescent Jige such a beautiful object must have ~ Birkin also fluorescent? Also do not live!

2011年夏季流行色彩 荧光色冲击色彩舞台 (图3)

Miu Miu is fluorescent

The spring/summer 2011 Miu Miu is a fluorescent! The bright, bright colors of the single product have always been a supporting role in our closet, but designers do not agree, always quietly add a few bright colors in the dark mainstream Color single product. After all, our clothes are not weird. In this LADY GAGA accustomed to reading, fluorescent color is just a flash of color, it will definitely not be a convicted crime.

2011年夏季流行色彩 荧光色冲击色彩舞台 (图4)

Various fluorescent various beauty

This spring and summer must have Jimmy Choo candy acrylic clutch... various kinds of fluorescent beauty!

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