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Happy summer, sweet shellfish and children together happy! To meet the arrival of the new semester, Tony sweet children's clothing in August launched in the stores in the fall of 2011, so that children happy to school, boys handsome self-confidence, girls casual sweet! Quality assurance, is the best choice for mothers. The "Petit Avril" brand is a Chinese-French brand that specializes in the development, manufacture and sale of baby products for children ages 1-14. "Petit Avril" is from French and means "Little April" or "Little April," meaning that the child is a April Elf who is gentle, warm and full of vitality. Bei Sweet "is derived from French homophone Petit, literally expressed the" sweet baby. "The inspiration for the brand originated in April 2009 in Paris, France, the first store was born in August 2009, Shanghai, China The inspiration and design of the clothing originated in Paris, France and was crafted and manufactured by the finest children's wear factory in China.The founders of the brand are passionate about children and showcase their children's high quality French children's wear at popular prices through the "Beit Sweets" brand Healthy, happy and innocent.

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