Bamboo fiber market development prospects are considerable

Bamboo fiber industry is a sunshine industry. At present, consumers do not know much about bamboo fiber. Shangpu Consulting's light industry analysts believe that the bamboo fiber industry's market is substantial. Although the development time is short, there are too many companies in China to make bamboo fiber products. The traditional textile industry, for example, using cotton, wool, and hemp as raw materials, has restricted the development of China's textile market. The appearance of bamboo fiber is a new type of ** for traditional textiles.

Although most of the bamboo fiber products sold in the market are mainly viscose fibers, its characteristics of comfort, antibacterial, and environmental protection are still very competitive in the market compared to cotton products. Bamboo fiber fabrics are also known as "the most promising healthy fabric in the 21st century."

It is learned that bamboo fibers currently on the market can be divided into three types. The first is currently the majority of viscose fiber in the market. The second type is bamboo raw fiber specially manufactured by a set of equipment that Zhejiang Agricultural and Forestry University once invented. The equipment has now been sold to Fujian and is mainly used for the production of products sold outside, such as carpets and curtains. Compared with viscose fiber, the cost of bamboo fiber is reduced by about 60%. The third is the original ecological bamboo fiber can be textile yarn. "All in all" is based on the two technologies, and it is much better than the former two in terms of technology. It also solves the regional restrictions on the use of bamboo fiber materials, which is a time for the bamboo fiber industry.

According to the “2012-2016 China Bamboo Fiber Market Prospects Survey and Research Report” published by Champion Consulting, the current market for bamboo fiber still has some problems. Currently, there is no set of standards for bamboo fiber products. The homogenization competition in the market is relatively serious. Some black-hearted businessmen even use renewable fibers instead of bamboo fibers. A series of problems such as fierce price wars and the development of new products need to be resolved. The future development of "Blue Ocean Market" has become the goal pursued by many entrepreneurs.

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