Isabel Aghaini women bring a different kind of lifestyle experience

"Isabel Ajane eshabeal.agany" with unique French flavor and romantic feelings of freedom into China. To grasp the trend of cutting-edge design concepts, bright personality and luxurious details of changeable, with a rich and varied product mix and exquisite Variety mix and match, Isabel women full meet women in all aspects of life dress needs in different occasions, Isabel costumes bring a mix of casual mix of fun and fashion life experience, to create a full-fledged fashion will be women [full dress lifestyle].

伊莎贝尔·阿珈尼 - Eshabeal Agany

Brand Style: [fashion urban life style] as the core. Isabel ESHABEAL to urban fashion business and casual fashion mainly two major series, Isabel Women into the urban female workplace / social boutique series, Isabel Ajane eshabeal.agany covers the full range of modern women's dress needs, creating an elegant era.

伊莎贝尔·阿珈尼女装 带来非同一般的时尚生活体验

Brand positioning: fashion urban women, the psychological age between 28-38, an independent economic ability, the pursuit of fashion, quality of life, willing to enjoy themselves.

(Located in the first-tier cities, capital cities and second-tier cities, but also cover the third-tier cities.)

Core consumer layer is mainly concentrated in:

Business women entrepreneurs, civil servants and freelancers who frequently contact and advocate fashion culture;

The pursuit of urban fashion, elegant life and have a higher economic source of women;

Focus on the quality of outdoor life of women.

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