Kenzo 2013 early spring vacation series new

KENZO is a brand founded by Kenzo Takada in France. Combining with the calm mood of oriental culture, the enthusiasm of the Latin people is vivid. KENZO is a bold and innovative blend of colorful colors and flowers to create lively, bright, unique and unique works.

高田贤三Kenzo 2013早春度假系列新品

高田贤三Kenzo 2013早春度假系列新品

高田贤三Kenzo 2013早春度假系列新品

KENZO has been a prominent figure in the fashion industry since 1970 and joined the LVMH Group in 1993. From then on KENZO's clothing, accessories, tableware and perfume have been more widely welcomed. Recently, Kenzo faucet released its 2013 spring vacation series of new women's clothing series LOOKBOOK.

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