Diversify the pure 2011 spring design elements

The pure spring denim floral trend continued with the pure 2011 spring collection, and new flying elements were added inside it, which means flying with dreams. The blue cowboy, the aircraft division's dress into mature tough elements, revealing a strong and independent side, but the infusion of floral elements to the handsome pilot shape, tough with a tender romance. The interweaving of reason and sensibility makes people have a new experience.

Pure spring elements were injected into the pure 2011 spring collection, which was modeled after seafaring. It symbolizes the city’s free air to the sea after a busy work and enjoys the time leisurely.

The purely spring 2011 design feels very different visually. It is created around three themes - lofting Sahara, flying romantically, sailing to the sea. In addition to the original "purity" inherent casual style, more diversified design elements were added.

Pure Spring 2011 “Walking Sahara” was inspired by the mysterious Sahara Desert, evoking the long-standing original instincts of urbanites and longing for the vast nature. This season's Saharan hunting equipment is not a full-armed natural hunting costume, but it is more urbanized. The pants, windbreaker and half-skirt styles are casual, loose-looking cropped trousers, and a cascading wear that emerges from the outside. Free street style. Bright urban wilderness image. The main color is muddy, and the clay that is similar to the earth is the element that best embodies the style of typical urban hunting. Create a wild, free and easy, casual image. The journey of wild freedom was unleashed, and all bondage was removed from the heart, and it seemed to be in a place of open freedom no matter where it was.

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