Love by Georgia brand women return to French romance

Love according to grid "clothing to 18-35-year-old fashion women's family for the consumer object, the price is moderate, with its unique creativity, exquisite fabrics, exquisite craftsmanship, comfortable version, design content and rich cultural connotation, the formation of Quality, sense of value, the international unique style, yet elegant dignified in the fashion, the personality contains mature, implicit romance, occupation and leisure, fashion and comfort, interpretation of the perfect, full of mature women charm. Pursuit of exquisite, Elegant and fashionable, reflecting the women's free and easy confidence; highlights the feminine beauty of young women in the new century.

恋依格品牌女装 回归法式浪漫

design concept:

Elegant and romantic without lack of natural warmth and a moving artistic atmosphere - this is the love of Georgia brand apparel design concept; at different times, love according to Georgia grid designers are insisting on the original language, a unique perspective Annotation apparel culture and this design concept. "Stick to the original" is the soul of love Yi Ge in many costumes stand out.

恋依格品牌女装 回归法式浪漫

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