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The talented shirt cultural festival has been carried out in every major city in the country. As Liang Zhaowei's shirt body quickly became popular on the Internet, the talented shirt shirt cultural festival became the focus of shirt control. . .
Since March 20, the Taizi Shirt Culture Festival has been carried out in all major cities across the country. As Liang Zhaowei's shirt body quickly became popular on the Internet, the Talent Shirt Culture Festival became the focus of shirt control. For a time, the official website of the talented men's official website (http://) and the talented official Sina official microblog (http://e.weibo .com/tries1983) and the major community forums in the country gathered a large number of shirts to discuss shirt culture. Among them, the talented men's collar embroidered shirt has become the favorite product of shirt control.

The collar embroidered shirt is a classic in the talented men's shirt series. Embroidery shirt embroidered and embossed designs are selected from the traditional elements of plum blossom, nationalism, and calligraphy with the essence of China's 5,000-year history culture. The patterns evolved from the international fashion concept design incorporate Eastern beauty and fashion beauty, becoming the most popular among men in China. Fashionable model with ethnic elements.
According to talented men's wear design director Xu Junjie introduction, talented men insist on doing Chinese cultural products, collar embroidered shirt is in the collar, cuff embroidered embellishment, through the details of the design reflects the style of the product. At the same time, attention is paid to the use of different fabrics and corresponding auxiliary materials and packaging materials to enhance the overall coordination of the apparel.

"Embroidered Embroidery", in the talented men's clothing, embodies high-quality fabrics and colors, integrates the essence of Chinese folk art and modern craftsmanship, highlights the best craftsmanship of costume details, and embroiders classic Chinese cultural dress styles. At the same time, it symbolizes the leadership of talented men's clothing in the fashion industry. Collar, refers to the collar of the clothing, reflects the process and version of the collar. Embroidery, which means Chinese traditional craft embroidery, is a process that uses silk, cashmere, cotton and other colored lines to form a variety of beautiful images, patterns or texts on silk, satin, and modern fabrics. One of the most representative features of culture.

Based on the characteristics of collar embroidered shirts, on the Cultural Festival of the talented shirts, collar embroidered shirts earned the attention of the shirt controllers. It is understood that at the 2011 China International Fashion Week, the talented men's collar embroidery series was stunning the audience with its traditional elements and modern design ideas, and deeply impressed its spokesperson Liang Chaowei. In an interview with the media, Liang Chaowei said that cooperation with talented men for six years has witnessed the continuous improvement of the talented brands. In particular, the talented men's wear combines traditional Chinese cultural elements with international elements. The talented collar embroidered shirt shows the modernity of business through the stitching of different fabrics, the design of loose-leaf pages, and the three-dimensional cutting. Hollow fabrics continue the application of the talented classic plum and Chinese floral elements, and through embroidered, printed, gilded, sequined, etc. crafts, complemented by plum blossom brooch as a decoration, to reproduce the classics of beautiful embroidery. In terms of color selection, the collar embroidered shirts are mainly white and gifted red, which makes the products more elegant and elegant, and makes the classic embroidered shirt more international. Many netizens said that they used to love the bohemian style and the British style. They only found out that they truly found themselves moving with their own unique style and style. The return of the fashion trend is also the main reason why the talented collar and embroidered shirt is popular. With the continuous fermentation of Chinese cultural trends, the clothing of Chinese cultural characteristics in the future will have more room for development. Xiao Bian thinks that this is the benchmarking significance of the talented men's wear collar embroidery shirts and the holding of this shirt cultural festival.

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