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People always love the pursuit of beauty close to nature, because this beauty is the most real beauty. Not too much decoration, not too much flashy, no appearance of make-up, but always distributed in the ordinary appearance of the unique temperament! Haijia Shi brand women , has always insisted on nature, nature is the real beauty! Compared with the gorgeous sexy, she is more like the ordinary, but the ordinary does not mean mediocrity, personality mix, although not prominent in the crowd, but solitude can feel her gentle charm.


Brand women to return to the natural style of the pianos deduce the simple, natural, sports, casual fashion exquisite; combined with international trends, absorbing international brand elements, inspiration from the nature, give full play to unlimited creativity. Brand women to select fabrics, superb technology, simple and natural leisure style, favored by the vast number of consumers, and constantly improve the rapid growth of the forefront of women's brand in Hangzhou representatives.

"Sea Jiashi" spend millions, in order to improve product quality, focus on after-sales service for enterprises first priority, depending on the interests of customers for the corporate life. In good faith cooperation and common development purposes, "Haijia Shi" brand quickly access around the franchisee recognition, the company in just six months has opened in the Pearl River Delta region has more than 10 outlets. Haijia Shi brand implementation of the professional management mode, the use of scientific and flexible direct marketing and franchising business strategy, formed a integrity, efficient, innovative and cohesive management team.


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