Warmly congratulate Aweina women's flagship store in Xinyang, Henan grand opening

Warmly congratulate Aweina Henan Xinyang flagship store grand opening! "OVINA (Aweina)" women's boutique from Zhejiang Hui Li Tong Industrial Co., Ltd. invested and founded the professional design, production and sales as one of the apparel brand. Companies rely on a strong design and development of elite teams and advanced design concepts, closely follow the international fashion trends, and continuously strengthen the brand culture of Yun, improve the quality of life. Interpretation of the new era of women's romantic, elegant and unique personality and charm.



Based on accurate market positioning and high-quality pursuit, the company adopts advanced franchising mode, uses scientific management practices, and consummates service organization to consolidate excellent brand image and widen market space in all aspects. The company's products to diversify the development of the series, the company brand women's research and development of products: including women's fashion (ladies), hats, shoes, business wear, casual wear, jeans, jewelry and other products

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