balabala joins hands with Guochao to sniper, maverick and not unique, it will shine in the new year

On January 16, the children's fashion lifestyle brand Balabala Balabala and the famous designer Wu Haiyan launched a new design series with the traditional Chinese "bull" as auspicious meaning, and released a new Chinese New Year model, leading the trend of the country, making fashion fun and classic Elegant and wonderful collision, giving children more freedom to show their unique personality, using pioneering and interesting national trend design to interpret the fashion attitude of the generation of 10, the new year will shine.


The national tide is at the time, and childhood is different

The 10 generations who are known as "will go to heaven at any time" are the new favorites of the Balabala New Year's Festival. They are encouraged to feel free and unconstrained, feel the "artistic sense" of the national trend, play their individual "creativity", and combine the cutting-edge attitudes of the 10 generations with diverse aesthetic The methods are fused with each other, presenting cute and modern new products, and the tide is awakened. Backed by the national tide has gradually become the opportunity of the current mainstream culture, Balabala exclusively shares the new cutting-edge trendy children's fashion experience in the Year of the Ox with the power of the brand, illuminates the fashion attitude of cool kids, and embarks on a modern journey that belongs only to the generations.


As shown in the Balabala New Year’s advertising film, creatively painted mosaic animations, combined with traditional embroidered cow elements, interprets the “trend, joy, and fun” fashion attitude of the post-10 generation, “stealth magic, hacking robotic arm, Drone shooting, boxing in the second dimension, sitting on the tower to watch the rocket..." After watching the mosaic blockbuster after 10 years, the new year is the show, and you can explore freely.




Balabala not only empowers the children's personal growth, but also encourages them to inherit and create new national trends in their own way. "Fashion is more than just fashion" is also an interpretation of the brand's expectations for the trendy children born in the 10s. Fantasy and reality are blended, and the expression and perception of the trendy ability are integrated. Just like Balabla, it holds a liberal attitude with unlimited potential and shows fashion. Diversified styles and attitudes, maverick and unique style, the childhood is different after encountering 10 years.



Awaken the tide ability, the new year will shine in the sky

Huayi Lianzhu unlocks new forces and activates the ability of the 10th generation. Is "ox" used as auspicious symbol in both Eastern and Western cultures? That's right! In China, "bull" means hope and success in cultural heritage, and it also represents wealth and faith in the West. Balabala blends Chinese and Western new products in this year of the ox. It is inspired by traditional Chinese zodiac ox elements to carry Western expressions, combined with traditional paper-cutting art, Chinese embroidery, flocking, towel embroidery and other crafts, to convey the original flat traditional elements In the Western mosaic art form, it is vividly presented on the New Year's collaboration.


In addition to being rooted in traditional embroidery craftsmanship, balabala also gives exclusive meaning to this new year's new products, such as "new born calves" are not afraid to break through, "the cow turns the world" and good luck, "horns hanging books", and so on. Incorporating the soul of traditional elements into new products, inheriting Chinese culture in the new generation with the power of the brand, and at the same time full of the expectations of the younger generation of parents for the generation of 10, stimulating the original growth of children, childhood will be different, aiming to wake up on the occasion of the new year The Chinese children's trendy culture demonstrates the brand proposition of shining the cow in the new year.



Balabala composes the blueprint of the future children's clothing fashion with national tide art. Each new year of the ox contains a different story, symbolizing different auspicious blessings, and immediately unlocks the tide ability and opens a new chapter in the year of the ox. Childhood is not the same, the New Year will shine in the sky.

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