Realize automation with street lighting monitoring systems

The data detection function meets the management requirements of data analysis, and has real-time detection modules such as voltage and current in the terminal. The on-duty personnel can access, query, and monitor the line current and voltage controlled by a certain terminal at any time. The center's main control computer saves, displays, and prints. If no one is queried in real time, the monitoring terminal reports the current and voltage values ​​of the terminal at that time to the monitoring center. The central master machine automatically saves it for the central duty officer to check afterwards.

The transfer alarm street light monitoring system can also set the telephone numbers of multiple alarm phones, which can be on-duty calls, on-duty personnel home calls, paging, and mobile phones. If the monitoring center receives the terminal's fault application, it displays and saves the data on the one hand, and performs voice alarm. On the other hand, the system can dial the alarm phone in sequence and make a voice prompt to inform the answering personnel of the address and fault of the fault. Type, fault nature, so that maintenance personnel can go to repairs in time to shorten the downtime. Based on the setting of this function, the street lamp monitoring system can be truly automated, unattended, and greatly reduce the labor intensity of the on-duty personnel.

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