Pop Chenzhou shop April 28 is about to grand opening

I wish the pop style women's Chenzhou store grand opening! Warm congratulations to the popularization Chenzhou shop grand opening on April 28, 2014, business booming, Caijin Guangjin! New store address: Chenzhou, Hunan Bayi Lu Health Times Times Square floor, the third floor of the Cape counter, welcome to you!

Popular style FGFEEL women, 25-35-year-old fashion group of young people for the consumer groups, the use of imported fabrics products, combined with the new design concept - the fashion of the fit cut and popular elements into relaxed and free leisure, Thereby enhancing the leisure taste, but also narrow the distance between leisure and fashion, the product will give people feel rich and exquisite, from the design and cutting of clothing exudes an irresistible flavor and charm of the times, combining fashion and steady fusion Wonderful feeling, favored by urban lifestyle advocating a new life.


Chenzhou shop popping style is about to open, you and I pay attention, let us feel together, feel good mood, FEEL GOOD FEELING.

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