Guizhou Remediation of Crystal Processing Environment Pollution

Guizhou Remediation of Crystal Processing Environment Pollution

Anshun City, Guizhou Province has recently launched a work programme for environmental pollution remediation in the crystal processing industry. It has carried out special rectifications for local crystal companies and effectively solved the outstanding environmental problems in the crystal processing industry.

It is understood that the waste water generated in the crystal processing process mainly includes ordinary crystal processing waste water, acidic waste water, and heavy metal-containing waste water. The random discharge will destroy the water ecological environment. The plan requires that crystal processing enterprises (including processing households) with unlicensed and unlicensed operations be banned in accordance with law, and the crystal processing production enterprises with excessive emission of pollutants shall be treated within a specified period of time. If overdue treatment is not completed, they shall be shut down. The crystal processing enterprises (including processing households) in drinking water source protection areas, schools and residential areas will be forced to shut down or relocate, and continue to do a good job of ecological restoration after evacuating sensitive areas. At the same time, the Anshun City Crystal Processing Industry Environmental Comprehensive Improvement Leading Group was set up to coordinate the industrial and commercial, environmental protection and other functional departments in accordance with their respective responsibilities, unprocessed crystal processing unlicensed and unlicensed enterprises issued a notification, requiring that they close within the specified time Parked; without a license without an enterprise according to the requirements of their own shut down, in light of law. For crystal processing enterprises that have not shut themselves down within the specified time, the county (district) people's governments shall be responsible for organizing related functional departments such as environmental protection, industry and commerce, land and resources, and power supply to conduct joint enforcement. The relevant functional departments shall investigate and punish according to their respective duties according to law.

The program pointed out that for the crystal production enterprises retained after rectification, related functional departments shall legally regulate and improve relevant approval procedures. In June, the county (district) Environmental Protection Bureau took the lead in the city's crystal processing industry's environmental improvement work leading group by conducting acceptance inspections of enterprises (including processing households) that completed the remedial tasks according to prescribed procedures.

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