Speed ​​?? Guangzhou women's composite flagship store is about to open soon look forward to your visit

The long-awaited Guangzhou speed SUPIN women Guangzhou Huanshi East Road Complex on May 6, 2014 opening soon, look forward to your visit and guidance! (Brand hotline: Song students)

Opening ceremony will be invited to local celebrities and fashion industry celebrated success, but also arranged a fine cuisine for each customer. Interior space unique new concept of decorating, retro nostalgic decorative murals interspersed embellishment, strong coffee flavor of the wall to the fast goods, "fast fashion, slow life," the perfect interpretation of the concept of life.

速品女装广州复合旗舰店即将开业 期待您的光临

Speed ​​SUPIN pioneered the perfect blend of apparel and coffee shop, the apparel industry rise of the "fast fashion" concept into life, and to strengthen the promotion of network brands, as soon as possible to form a brand chain, so that more People know, understand and familiar with the speed of the brand, and let more and more people experience the fun of life and fashion. Speed ​​SUPIN to "new thinking, new models, new dreams" as the theme, after two years of precipitation experience, speed goods have been ready to find potential, slave and fly!

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