Butterfly wings dance, fancy dream color - portrait presents HPLY2014 Winter Ordering Ceremony "Dream" event on April 13 perfect ending

On April 13, the HPLY 2014 Winter Orders will be opened at the headquarters of Benelux in Shanghai. Hundreds of guests from all over the country have come together to witness this fashion festival.

荷比俪 - HPLY

Butterfly flower arrangement site

The order will be "dream" as the theme, the butterfly as the main element, from butterfly ornaments, partial butterfly decals, printing, embroidery and other butterfly modification, to Fantasy Purple, lake blue and other imaginative colors, and then to various Jacquard, printed fabrics, all reflect the theme elements. The winter is divided into two bands, "Huiyi Dance" and "Butterfly Shadow Fantasy". Each band interprets the theme of dream with different designs, and weaves HPLY fantasy imagination about beauty with different fabrics and crafts.

蝶翼之舞,迷梦幻彩 ——倾情呈现HPLY2014冬季订货会“梦”的盛典4月13日完美落幕

HPLY carefully planned and prepared for every aspect, intentions to create a fashion festival, showing HPLY solidarity, elegant and quiet brand connotation. HPLY is saving power, the highest impact fashion, which is HPLY's fashion dream, but also the order will be "dream" of the theme of connotation.

蝶翼之舞,迷梦幻彩 ——倾情呈现HPLY2014冬季订货会“梦”的盛典4月13日完美落幕

Mr. Huang Youlai, the founder of Zhanxun Brand Brand, was invited to explain the design concept on site

蝶翼之舞,迷梦幻彩 ——倾情呈现HPLY2014冬季订货会“梦”的盛典4月13日完美落幕

Model clothing display

This dream triggered by the fantasy has just opened, HPLY stylish impact strong momentum, bringing the audience the beauty of the shock experience.

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