Cloud roll autumn · Listen to twenty-four solar terms of the voice - Easy Philippines & non-central song Q3 autumn 2014 orders will be held

From January 3 to January 7, 2014, Yi Fei & Weiyang Song will be held in Shenzhen, headquarter in Q3, a year-long event for distributors and franchisees from all over China. Poetic chapter.

Before the start of the order book, the training camp centered on the "Q3 Product Planning Case of Yi Fei 2014", the "Commercial Operation Mode of Weiyang Song", the "Q3 Product Planning Case of Weiyang Song", "600 Group Manager Sharing", "How to Do A good manager, "" Commodity competitiveness "and other topics.

2014 Q3 Yi Fei YIFINI new product design and development, the continuation of the 2014 "follow the sun and go year" theme, blending gorgeous leaves, Osmanthus fragrans, spend all full moon, reed, dry hearing the rain, cotton swaying ... These elements of settling autumn charm, adhering to the flowers, natural, comfortable and classic style, but also in the design and process for further innovation, cleverly natural beauty of the original beauty and the trend of the season the perfect combination of fashion products atmosphere And no lack of personality, brilliant color but highlight the temperament. Eclectic profile with the essence of the traditional fusion, in different design perspective, the occasion of wearing the occasion to show the graceful style of urban women's charm.

Yi Fei's brand is not the central song WELLYOUNG walked to the traditional and stylish coexistence of Britain. In the beautiful British scenery, brisk melody, the models are graceful models come from, led everyone to encounter a wonderful journey of British fashion. Sweet and delicate design reveals a strong British pastoral fashion, simple geometry of the classic college feelings, colorful collision of colors and splicing overflowing with the delicate elegance of British women's temperament. Avant-garde and retro, seasonal and gentle, delicate and casual collision in the season a glittering spark, bringing endless fun.

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2 back pockets with button flaps
External opening for knee pads
Durable drawstring leg closures

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