Retro style gentleman to create wool coat with autumn and winter season

If you can correctly choose a woolen coat coat, not only allows you to warm a winter, but also to give people leave a steady retro gentleman image. Warm material, exquisite tailoring, exquisite workmanship, these are essential elements of a woolen coat. The vast majority of men quickly add a wool coat for their winter wardrobe it! (Source: Goldozo to the new autumn-winter 2013) khaki woolen coat is one of the most common colors, but also the most easily accepted, and the most easy to match. Will be such a common wool coat for some small details on the innovation, it will become a very eye-catching autumn and winter of this single product Oh! For example, this coat in the placket at the triangle cut, is not instantly become fashionable up yet. (Source: Goldo Zuozhi 2013 autumn and winter new) dark blue wool coat is the most suitable match, no matter what age, what the body of boys can easily manage. Only need a simple coat design, with a dark sweater, khaki body casual pants. If you still feel inadequate, then Martin boots is a more senior with the choice.

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