Understand the diamond GIA identification book to buy diamonds is no longer being fooled

What is the diamond GIA? When making diamond ring purchases, the identification data provided by GIA is absolutely authoritative for measuring the value of diamonds compared to visually observing diamonds with the naked eye. After understanding the concept of 4C, let's take a look at the diamond identity label GIA identification book, as long as you understand this, no one can fool you.

In addition to the characteristic records such as weight, size, and fluorescence response, the classification criteria for clarity and color of the diamond GIA certificate issued by various carat diamonds are particularly specific. The color grade is marked by English letters, from the highest color level D to the lowest color level Z, the color is from white to yellow, a total of 32 levels; the clarity is divided into IF, VVS1, VVS2, VS1, VS2, SI1, SI2, SI3, P1 , P2, P3 and so on a total of 11 grade standards.

Diamond GIA Certificate

Let's take a look at what identification data is included on the GIA certificate:

1. Date Date: The date the certificate was opened.

2, Laser Inscription Reg-istry identification number laser imprint: the number of the diamond identification book is engraved on the diamond waist with a laser beam, each identification number is different.

3, Shape & Cutting Style diamond cutting form: mark the cutting form of the diamond, the following also contains the measured value Mea-surements and weight Weight two data: Measurements measurement: the data representation of the round diamond is "minimum diameter - the largest diameter × Height", if it is fancy cut, it is "length × width × height"; Weight weight: diamond carats.

4. Proportions ratio: The items listed in this field show the proportion of the diamond turner: Depth depth: the full depth percentage of the diamond, the full depth percentage of the round diamond is the height of the diamond divided by the average diameter of the diamond, and the fancy Cutting is the value of the diamond height divided by the width of the diamond; Table desktop: the percentage of the desktop, calculated by dividing the diagonal length of the desktop by the diameter of the diamond equal to the desktop percentage, and the fancy cutting is the diagonal of the desktop. The length of the line divided by the width; Girdle waist: indicates the thickness of the waist thickness and whether the diamond waist is polished (Polished) or faceted (Faceted) state, waist thickness from thin to thick with 8 kinds of ExtremelyThin, Verythin, Thin, Medium, Slightly Thick, Thick, VeryT hick, Extremely Thick;

Culet pointed bottom: the state of the bottom. It is common for Pointed and None to have no sharp bottom. Other pointed bottoms are Very Small, Small, Medium, Large to VeryLarge;

Finish modification: an evaluation pointer for the quality of a diamond car. This column includes Polish and Symmetry, which judges the quality of the polished surface and the symmetry of the diamond. The identification book is Excellent (very good), VeryGood (very good), Good (Good), Fair (Fair), Poor (poor) to mark.

5, Clarity Grade Clarity Grade: Diamond Clarity Grade, which is judged by 10 times magnifying glass observation. There are 11 grades of diamond clarity grade: FL flawless (Flawless), IF internal flawless (Internal Flawless), VVS1 very slight inclusion Very Very Slightly Included1, VVS2 Very Very Slightly Included2, VS1 Light Insulated Level 1 (VerySlightly In-cluded1), VS2 Light Insulated Level 2 (VerySlightlyIncluded2), SI1 Micro Slightly included (SlightlyIncluded1), SI2 microinclusion level 2 (Slightly In-cluded2), I1 severely graded (Im-perfect1), I2 severely graded (Im-perfect2) and I3 severely graded (Im-perfect2) Im-perfect3).

Characteristics: The type of diamond inclusions, such as Crystal, Feather, Cloud, Pin-point, etc.

6, ColorGrade color grade: diamond color grade and fluorescent response (Fluo-rescence), GIA will be divided into 23 grades of English diamond letters D to Z, representing the colorless grade of completely colorless to light yellow or light brown. Fluores-cence Fluorescence Reaction: The intensity and color of the fluorescence of a diamond under ultraviolet light. The intensity of the fluorescence is divided into six levels: None, Faint, Weak, Moderate. ), Strong, Very Strong, a diamond with a fluorescent response will indicate the color of the fluorescent light behind the fluorescent intensity.

7, Additional Inscription extra lettering: According to your requirements, you can engrave the diamond brand name, or your own private message, on the diamond waistline, together with the diamond identification number to become the unique symbol of this diamond (the canon of the heart of the eight arrows The diamond will be marked "H&A" in this column.

8. GIA Clarity and Color Grading Scales: Shows the relative position of the diamond's clarity and color in the GIA level.

9. Security Features Diamond illustrations: The various features of the diamond are marked with symbols on the map, and the keynotes (Keyto Symbols) next to them indicate what the clarity features represent on the graph.

Don't underestimate these cumbersome identification data. The seemingly boring figures on the diamond certificate are actually related to each consumer's pocket. For example, a 1 carat diamond, color, clarity, cut is very good, compared with 1 carat color, clarity, slightly cut diamonds, the price may vary by 70% to 80%. According to the current domestic price calculation, the price difference between the two may be as high as tens of thousands of yuan.

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