The efficacy of tourmaline color

The tourmaline is a gorgeous rainbow turned around, she has a variety of colors of the rainbow. Of course, each color represents a different meaning. Youroqi Xiaobian simply introduces the effects of various colors of tourmaline.

1. The efficacy and function of red tourmaline

Red tourmaline can attract love, enhance popularity, enhance heterosexuality, stimulate sympathy and compassion, and make people happy, happy, melted and indifferent, and strengthen affinity. Red tourmaline can evoke the inner love of people, and sublimate this love into compassion for others, make people more emotional, and can attract love messages. Red tourmaline also affects metabolism and glands, helping to strengthen heart function.

2. The efficacy and role of green tourmaline

The green of the green tourmaline corresponds to the heart wheel of the human body, which is good for the heart and lung function of the human body; the green jewel gems are also the stone of wealth, which can enhance the fortune and contribute to the development of the cause; the green tourmaline can also make people clear, calm, and thinking. Being able to concentrate can also make people feel comfortable, make people happy, and make money.

3. The function and function of Huang Biyu

The yellow color of the yellow tourmaline corresponds to the sun wheel of the human body, which is very good for the human body's gastrointestinal digestive system; the yellow gemstone is also a symbol of wealth, which can enhance the fortune and help the business development; Huang Bixi can also make people calm, clear thinking, conditioning Clearly, it can also make people do things safely.

4. The function and function of blue tourmaline

The blue color emitted by the blue tourmaline corresponds to the throat of the human body, so the blue tourmaline is helpful for the respiratory tract and trachea of ​​the human body; the blue magnetic field can make the mind clear and emotionally stable, especially to enhance the inspiration and the right thing. Predictive ability; Blue Tourmaline also helps to enhance the individual's ability to persuade, and language skills.

5. The efficacy and role of black tourmaline

Black tourmaline is also a black tourmaline. The black tourmaline has the effect of purifying evil spirits; it can effectively relieve stress and fatigue, eliminate the body's disease and turbidity, improve health and enhance good luck; black tourmaline helps protect patients from External interference can make patients feel at ease and the body can recover quickly.

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