Fashionable star Ying Seoul interpretation betu 100 map spring new

In the early spring of 2014, fashion star Ying Er roped into the beautiful Seine River in Paris to interpret the new betu 2014 spring and send us early spring greetings from Paris, France.

百图 - BETU 时尚明星颖儿巴黎演绎betu百图春装新品


Ying Er interpretation of the 100 Figure (betu) 2014 spring and summer fashion street filming large, bright morning awakening with a bright color. Fresh and pleasing bright colors, geometric and floral inlays, embroidered lace, and more 60s-style elements with an elegant silhouette from the 50s create an elegant and sweet commuter queen, a romantic art trip to Paris .

betu 2014 spring new products will be gradually new, welcome pro betu 100 map shop experience purchase.

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