New material that is harder than diamonds

Diamonds are no longer the hardest material in the world. A new material has surpassed the hardness of diamonds. American scientists have synthesized this superhard material called nanocubic boron nitride, which compresses boron nitride particles to a Vickers hardness of 108 gigapascals, while synthetic diamonds have a Vickers hardness of 100 gigapascals. And the hardness of the material is twice that of commercial cubic boron nitride. The biggest secret of this material's extreme hardness is the nanostructure. Scientists began to use boron nitride particles similar to onion structure to compress to 15 gigapascals (about 150,000 standard atmospheres) at 1800 ° C. The crystal material will recombine to form nanostructures. To make this material harder, scientists have reduced the size of these particles, making them harder and unable to be pierced. The average size for maintaining the characteristic strength of boron nitride is 4 nm, and as a result, the corresponding nanocubic boron nitride is very stable in a high temperature environment.

In the future, as the cost of such superhard materials continues to fall, it can be widely used in machining, grinding, drilling, cutting tools, and in the manufacture of scientific instruments.

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