The stars love the uniforms wear tall body secrets

<p style="TEXT-INDENT: 2em"> In the star's model, the dress began to swell in recent years. Like a dress, a dress can easily get with. And compared to the dress, even underwear activities are more convenient. Even underwear and waist and hip joint design, the complete line from top to bottom, inadvertently, you can make the body lines appear slender.


Look at the Chinese and foreign celebrity legs pants jumpsuit, but this season's fresh style. Slim shape, nine-point length allows more petite women calm ride. The best mix of high-heeled shoes or high-heeled sandals, stretch lines and sexy feel immobile.

明星都爱的连衣裤 穿出高挑身材的秘密

è®´ Goethe 2014 spring and summer series

Do not think that even the underwear is far from our life, you can try this summer. For example, this joined the Leopard print leggings leotards elements, combined with the vest-style design, so that the combination of the two together look sexy and with a little wild, in the heat of the summer easily let you steal the spotlight.

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