Brief description of the characteristics of flat and spotless tempered glass

[China Glass Network] 1. Thoroughly eliminate the tempered rainbow wind spots.

The tempered rainbow wind spot is formed during the tempering “quenching” process. The sharp air cooling process is the chief culprit in the formation of the tempered rainbow wind spot. This is a common problem in the past tempered glass. In the past, people thought that to be tempered, they had to be “quenched”, and “quenching” inevitably caused wind spots. Therefore, the national standard avoided the problem of tempered rainbow wind spots. Especially the tempered coated glass and the thick plate and large glass, the rows of "bright" large wind spots make people feel terrible. The problem of tempered wind spot has become a serious problem hindering the development of the glass deep processing industry. The flat and spotless tempering furnace fully utilizes aerodynamic technology, and adopts advanced technologies such as oscillating wind dams to make tempering and wind spots no longer become twin brothers.

2. Eliminate the phenomenon of tempered white fog.

"White fog" is actually a scratch on the glass. The tempered "white fog" is produced in the middle of the glass and distributed in a strip shape. The "white fog" seriously affects the optical properties of the glass. Due to the defects in the heating method of the glass tempering in the past, the heating speed of the glass in the upper and lower sides of the furnace is inconsistent and the heating is uneven, so that the glass is heated while being warped, so that the movement of the glass forms a motion scratch, that is, we Said "white fog." The flat and spotless tempering furnace uses forced convection technology and servo motion control system to make the heating speed of the upper and lower surfaces of the glass more uniform, and the heating is more uniform, so that the movement of the glass is more scientific, so that the tempered white fog does not recur.

3. Eliminate photodisruption and remove pitting.

Photodisruption is actually a burn of glass; pitting is actually caused by excessive heating temperature and excessive heating time. Thanks to the use of intelligent temperature measurement technology, the temperature of the glass in the furnace has passed since the era of control by the experience of the operating technicians. The use of intelligent temperature measurement technology makes the temperature measurement of the glass in the furnace accurate to within 3 degrees.

After a few seconds of heating, and never heating for a second, the use of intelligent temperature measurement technology greatly enhances the optical quality of the glass.

4. The flatness in the sense of "pure".

The flat grille of the flat and spotless tempering furnace adopts high-quality ceramic roller to replace the original steel roller. Due to the above-mentioned high-tech application, coupled with the characteristics of the ceramic roller, it is not bent, so that the glass is formed. The points are coplanar to form a final flat characteristic. The national standard has a flatness requirement of 5‰, and the flatness of the flat-panel-free tempered glass can reach 1‰, which is much higher than the national standard.

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