Winter knit sweater with what clothes

Knitwear has become the now indispensable dress, whether adults or children, whether boys or girls, a sweater but it is very necessary, Karl Fette children's sweater style with a boy and girl How to tie knit Shirt? Take a look at Karl Fett is how to take it, fall and winter seasons within a single wear style. Knitwear is really within or can wear a single, this boy sweater style, black and white knit shirt style take a shirt or a collar primer shirt can be, the best not black and white collar, This is even more dazzling black and white sweaters, lower body with a red slacks, this dress is not classic and very trendy it? Girls sweater style, girls wear better look? This sweater is relatively fresh, blue, yellow, gray three splicing within a white shirt collar bottoming shirt with a black leather skirt, can be a pettiskirt can also be wrapped skirt, Each version is not the same wear, fresh sweater can be used with a dark coat can also be worn alone.


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