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SIUF2015'China (Shenzhen) International Brand Underwear Fair will hit a grand occasion in May next year. As the 10th anniversary of the show, 2015 will feature well-known underwear brands at home and abroad, staging a fashion storm attracting countless eyeballs at home and abroad! Well-known lingerie brand Embry and SIUF a long-term strategic cooperation, will continue to support the development of SIUF.

安莉芳 - Embry Form

Founded in Hong Kong in 1975 and listed on the Hong Kong Main Board in 2006, Embry (China) Garments Co., Ltd. is a world-renowned underwear manufacturer engaged in the design, manufacture and sale of women's underwear. Embry has strong research and development capabilities, independent development of more than 40 patented technologies, the establishment of a high-quality multi-brand series, with elegant, comfortable, high-grade "Britney Spears"; young, stylish, Q-Sexy's "Poetry"; Functional, healthy and elegant "Comfit"; Liza Cheng, a top international luxury underwear brand; "E-BRA", a stylish and professional quality; "Anduuu", fresh, stylish, healthy and sexy; Provide sophisticated, low-key luxury without lack of fashion vitality "IVU" brand. Products include bust, underwear, pajamas, bathing suits, corsets, warm clothes, tights and pregnant women breastfeeding underwear, by the high-quality consumer welcome.


As the leader in the underwear industry in China, Embry has been participating in China (Shenzhen) International Brand Underwear Fair for many consecutive times and has passed nearly 40 years of high-quality underwear concept and unique brand underwear fashion and healthy culture to the industry and the general public. 2014SIUF show, the parent brand Embry the concept of "Fashion Inside Out" show stunning debut, interpretation from the inside out of the "smart sense of the" unique concept, triggering "crafty" topic boom. In 2013-2014SIUF China underwear industry annual awards ceremony, An Lifang called a "Fashion Crossover" swimsuit release show, with a sense of design products detonated the trend of Chinese swimwear fashion.


An Lifang - China's underwear industry leaders, has been adhering to the internal and external brand concept, tirelessly to meet the needs of women's beauty tireless efforts. SIUF 2015 show, what kind of stunning and fashion will bring, let us wait and see, similar to next May, together SIUF!

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