Classification, density and calculation formula of fabric organization

Definition: Textiles are made of yarns of two systems perpendicular to each other on the loom, interwoven by certain rules, that is, the lines of the weft and the weft sink and float with each other according to a certain rule, so that the surface of the fabric forms certain lines and patterns. Called fabric organization.
1, fabric tissue classification:
1 The original organization: is the simplest fabric organization, also known as the basic organization. It includes three kinds of plain weave, twill weave and satin weave.
2 Small pattern organization: It is formed by the combination of the above three basic organizational changes. Such as the mountain-shaped twill, acute twill.
3 Complex organization: It also includes double organizations (multi-woven into thick velvet, cotton velvet, etc.), raised tissue (such as corduroy), towel tissue (towel fabric), double-layer tissue (towel fabric) and leno organization.
4 Big pattern organization: also known as the long flower organization, weaving more flowers and birds, insects, birds and other beautiful animals.
5 satin weave: cloth surface is smooth but not strong, easy to scratch, easy to fluff.
2. Density of the fabric: Density refers to the number of warp and weft yarns per unit length of the finished woven fabric. It is usually expressed as the number of yarns in 10 square centimeters or 1 square inch. Bedding fabric common density: 30S yarn 78*65, 78*54, 20S yarn 60*60, 40S yarn 90*90, 110*80, 133*72, 28S yarn 70*60, unit: root/1 inch.
3, the fabric regain, public weight.
1 Moisture regain = (wet weight - dry weight)/dry weight × 100%
Fixed moisture regain: 8.5% cotton yarn, 8% cotton fabric, polyester/cotton yarn 65/35 cloth 3.06%, polyester
Cotton 50/50, cloth 4.2%
2 Public weight: The weight of the fabric at the nominal moisture regain is the nominal weight.

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