Warmly celebrate the Qiubai children's clothing contract Guangzhou Nansha shop

Into the first day of December, Qiu-silk children's clothing ushered in the shop opened in December, signing Guangzhou Nansha shop. The store is located in Junan, Binhai, Nansha, Guangzhou. It is expected to open before New Year's Day in 2015. During the opening of a large-scale promotional activities, customers are welcome to come buy! 【Join Advantage】 First, the quality assurance; in product quality, Qiu silk (child play) children's wear in strict accordance with national children's wear safety standards, the product passed the national quality inspection department inspection to ensure that every quality Qiu Bolin children's clothing . Second, the style of fashion; product development using Europe and the United States, Japan, South Korea's latest pop elements, the "personality, fashion, environmental protection, health," the design concept cleverly integrated into the soul of the product, reflects the "personality fashion, healthy and environmentally friendly, full Imagination "brand heritage. Third, the brand reputation; Qiu silk children's clothing set up nearly 10 years, has been strict quality control, in order to create "China's first fashion children's clothing" for the brand development vision, focusing on consumer experience and feedback from the market to cost-effective Of the products to meet market demand, children's wear in the field have a higher reputation and visibility. Fourth, advertising support; Qiu children focus on brand promotion and promotion of children's clothing, especially franchisees in the local publicity and promotion. In order to make Qiu silk children quickly understand and familiar with the local consumers, the company will support a franchisee agent a certain percentage of advertising support costs. Fifth, nanny services; to franchisee profit as a starting point, providing from the opening of the store has been operating to a full set of nanny-style services. Customer satisfaction as the standard, starting from the details, considerate, good service to every customer, enhance customer loyalty. Six, professional guidance; Qiu silk children's wear has a vibrant and combat-oriented professional marketing team to assist agents franchisee to open up the market and improve performance, and as a member of the team assessment standards, and strive through specialized marketing and franchisee franchisee Together to promote the future silk brand. Seven, cost-effective; Qiu-silk children's clothing focus on consumer psychology and agency franchisee's profit margins, preferring to let the company must also provide low-cost products to consumers surprise. Eight, profit model copy. QiuBo children's clothing by copying the profit model of successful profit-making shop to other stores, so that each QiuBo children's clothing agent franchisee to minimize the investment risk and achieve shop profit. I hereby wish I wish to welcome you!

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