Ching Man Women signed a successful shop in Sichuan Deyang

Bin Man Women continue to enter the Midwest market women! Following the recent signing of Hunan Zhuzhou successfully signed a new customer, recently, Man Man Ladies and hand in hand from Sichuan Deyang to join customers. Deyang, Sichuan is also about to bring a strong trend of flavor, for women in Deyang to bring a different women's fashion! Wish the new store opened!


Bin Man design style will be the perfect combination of business and leisure and elegant sports. She not only demonstrates the intellectual beauty of modern women, but also highlights a magnificent movement, full of vitality and vitality. Combining the meticulous design of European fashion trends and Chinese characteristics, coupled with international fashion fabrics and elaborate cuttings, it expresses the rich European feelings while taking into account the gentle and subtle aesthetic concepts of Chinese women and is ideal for modern Chinese women. .


The term "Bin Man" originates from the end of the 15th century and spread to the 17th century. It is closely linked with the life of the French court. A set of elaborate and elaborate red tape exaggerates the elegance and sophistication of the aristocratic identity. The era has changed so far, a group of political celebrities, rich ladies, famous movie stars or celebrities to replace the status of past aristocracy of the court, how to comfortably enjoy the elegant life of the upper class, is still the new blue blooded nobility respected and learning areas.

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