False on the South Red Agate Skin

Now the market in South Red Agate is very chaotic, and all kinds of fraudulent methods make many players have some discouragement for South Red Agate. Nowadays, not only the finished products of South Red Agate have a lot of fakes and counterfeits, but now the South Red Agate rough has also seen a lot of fraud.

After the closure of the southern red agate production area, many of the high quality raw stones of the South Red Agate began to increase prices. Therefore, there are a lot of bad businesses to start the original red agate stone in Canada. The gambling of the original red agate stone is very large, even surpassing the jade gambling stone. Now with the deliberate fraud of these profiteers, the possibility of taking medicine on the original red agate stone is even greater. Now some people use cement to fake the red skin of the South Red Agate, which is to wrap the fragments of the South Red Agate with the outer shell of cement and volcanic ash to pretend to be the original stone. However, due to the large difference, it is better to identify.

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