Canali 2012 Fall Winter Collection Men's Wear New Releases The Christmas party's top pick

Canali 2012 autumn and winter series men's new release! CANALI, founded in Italy in 1934 by brothers Giovanni Canali and Giacomo Canali, is the Italian menswear brand. CANALI's product range includes: casual wear, accessories, and licensed perfumes, cufflinks, socks and more. Because of the focus on the production of fine men's clothing, the company's extraordinary style of clothing began to affect the entire Italian clothing market. Christmas Eve, pick the right clothing, make impressive shape may be the most distressing things men. Stiff suits and pants, of course, is an indispensable element of an essential element of a gentleman's image, attention to detail and the selection of fabric, and more to showcase that sense of casual elegance. Top fabrics, exquisite craftsmanship and exquisite cut perfectly constitute the fall and winter series of Canali's new season. Among them, the evening dress with a velvet collar can definitely highlight the men's charm and gentlemanly style. Different from the traditional black dress, Canali low-key to symbolize the exquisite and elegant velvet suit collar, to show the brand low-key luxury style; with velvet shades of velvet scarf and silk bag, highlights the delicate British gentleman And mature. In addition, with pondering, dotted with microwave patterns, a suit made of velvet suit can also make modeling in many evening wear highlights the different visual effects. Slim cut with a narrow lapel design, cleverly show men's self-confidence and personal image. Match a variety of different accessories, such as floral pattern tie made of silk and pure white pocket towel; coupled with velvet shoes, eye-catching cuff buttons and red silk tie that is gorgeous dazzling party style.

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