Time brand, to create extraordinary - Interview with the general manager of clothing Zhou Chuo Guo

Extraordinary from the focus, focus from the professional. A trip to the special Dongguan City Fabrics Clothing Co., Ltd., general manager of the tour, let the author more aware of this.

Into the door of Dongguan City Qiaopu Clothing Co., Ltd., neat and bright office and the right green gave the author a good first impression. The company covers a large area, about more than 5,000 square meters, spacious and bright office space, neat and uniform, so I brighten. No matter from the office layout, items display, or from the meticulous management, staff meticulous and meticulous work attitude, every detail let the author feel that Joe silk Clothing Co., Ltd. determined to create "the era of brand to create extraordinary" corporate culture Determination.

Qiaopu Clothing Co., Ltd. of Dongguan City, is a collection of independent design, development, production as one of the women's manufacturing enterprises. Joe silk clothing after 10 years of business, has accumulated a wealth of management experience. The company has always been "the times to create an extraordinary brand" as the goal, relying on quality and reputation continue to develop and grow over the years, with independent development and design, production and sales of the entire set of management capabilities. Beginning in 2009, with a visionary vision of the company, the main mode of foreign trade processing gradually turned to the operation of its own brand and devoted itself to the ambitious ideal of launching its own brand in China and the world with impressive achievements . At present, "Chopper", "Aji Jiman" and "Ji Fen" is the women 's clothing brand developed and designed and operated by Qiaopu Clothing Co., Ltd in Dongguan. With the novel design, well-selected materials, fine workmanship and reasonable price, Customer recognition, superior cost-effective occupation of the market, has been selling the domestic market, in a very short period of time to highlight its strong charm, with great prospects for development. This time, we come here especially for a special interview with the general manager of Chopper clothing Mr. Zhou Jinguo, to share the successful experience of clothing.

Author: Very honored, but also very grateful today, Zhou always as an outstanding representative of the apparel people busy schedule to accept our special coverage of the interview. We first ask Mr. Zhou to talk about Dongguan Qiaopu Clothing Co., Ltd. as a good exhibitor on the Humen apparel fair evaluation.

Zhou Zong: As an exhibitor of women's wear, I am particularly grateful for this show, which helps to enhance our brand image of "Qiao Bo" while playing a great role in enhancing the brand's future reputation and attracting more customers . Therefore, I feel this exhibition is very important and fruitful.

Author: Zhou Zong, as far as I know, the clothing and clothing before the establishment and operation of enterprises in Wenzhou, so how do you think the whole company's focus will come here Humen?

Zhou Zong: Here apparel environment is better, more abundant labor resources. This reduces the cost of production of the competitiveness of our products will be of great benefit. These are the main reasons. So we move the business from Wenzhou to Humen here.

Author: Humen here is also walking in the fashion capital, right?

Zhou Zong: Yes, relying on many advanced design concepts in the Pearl River Delta, we can be at the forefront of the market in terms of product style and style. However, in the long run, the focus of production will be on the coast and the difficulties will still be relatively large.

Author: Week's opinion is indeed very unique. Please refer to the following week, a brief overview of the next journey under the brand business and the recent development of the company's development plan.

Zhou Zong: We have been a garment company for more than 10 years, starting from 2000. Our boss let us have a feeling, that is: to be done there is a tenacity, to keep going. We start from the generation of processing, really make their own brand or starting last year. Because the world economy and the changes in the industry situation make us realize that only their own brand can go further. The potential and advantages of domestic sales are enormous. Therefore, we will focus on the domestic trade, mainly to domestic sales. At present, we have created our own brand. One is "Qiao silk", one is "Angerman" and the other is "Ji Fen". We will try to push the three main brands and make our own brands be medium to high grade. Think of ways to hit China and go to the world.

Author: It is a question of own brand, right?

Weeks total: Yes.

Author: The next development plan is like?

Zhou Zong: The main focus or take the road brand. Because the status quo of our women's business is: there is no future without their own brand, OEM processing is no big deal. So I think no matter how hard it will be to create their own brand to go out.

Author: Then I see you on your company's website recently on a mall, which shows that the total weeks for its own brand and e-commerce this one is very important. So, what are your important initiatives in this area of ​​self-owned brands, which means that now own brand this piece of performance? For example, we have not registered a trademark and so on?

Zhou total: one is a registered trademark, this step we have already gone. Also, we are recruiting agents in major provincial capitals, and the current development trend is gratifying. Another one from the Internet, do online shop sales, this area has been done since last year. In the past we also do online sales, sales channels at that time is mainly for foreign countries. From 2009 onwards Taobao and other sites such as Jingdong we also use it, mainly for domestic sales.

The so-called "no one foreseen the future, but fate grasp in the hands of", "our goal is in the next three to five years to do the domestic and even the world's largest women's sales companies, in order to achieve this goal we have been doing the next three Garment technology research and development in five years or even precipitation, in terms of personnel and funding we are planning to reserve according to eight years. "After listening to the general introduction of Zhou reporter deeply realized that it is precisely the foresight of this era cultivated the advance awareness.

On leaving, Mr. Zhou led us to visit the clothing exhibition hall and introduced the design concepts of various products one by one. Details determine the height, it is the determination of such a firm build the brand, I believe I believe that Chopper will accelerate the pace of independent innovation, leading the entire industry to achieve from China to create a major change in China.

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